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I spent the first part of my journalism career as an editor, learning the ropes and

climbing the ladder. Eventually I was the one setting editorial calendars, managing a

team of editors, and working directly with the publishers, designers and sales team

to create solid editorial. During this time, one thing was consistent—not-so-

great editorial submissions that I worked tirelessly to improve.

I have spent the second part of my journalism career as a freelancer working directly

with clients to get rid of the blah. I create public relations pieces and social media

posts that tell a good story—that tell their story.

I have found that not all manufacturers/contractors/associations/publishers have the

budget to hire another employee. Or they don’t have the time to create the marketing

materials they envision. This is where I come into play. As a freelancer, I have made

it my mission to tell companies’ stories and to promote their talents.

I do this with two furry co-workers who offer little advice and sometimes demand

attention from my home in a Chicago suburb. I love traveling, and I have a love-hate

relationship with gardening. I have two degrees—one in journalism and another in

nursing. My husband and I are raising two tiny humans, who are turning into pretty

cool individuals.

My Co-Workers

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